Self Cleaning Hair Brush

Simple products are the best at making our day-to-day activities easier! At Wowu we invest a huge effort in finding that amazing product that will keep you happy all day long.
Our self-cleaning hair brush is a brush you’ll fall in love with. With just one click, you can get all those hairs out from the brush and stay tidy. 

Avoid hair traps and harmful bacteria buildup on your brush with just one click of cleaning. Hair build-up on brushes and combs can lead to several scalp conditions and problems over time. 

Our Self Cleaning Hair Brush is smooth, soothing, and simulates an increased blood flow to your scalp, which is healthy for hair growth and maintenance. 


  • Round Brush Size: 8cm x 21cm (L x H)
  • Size: 9cm x 17cm (L x H) 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Green/Pink/Purple/Red/white/pearl


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